Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the ecology, conservation, and restoration of nearshore benthic communities, how habitat degradation alters ecological processes, and how habitat restoration returns ecological functioning to these communities.

More specifically, I use aspects of soundscape ecology to study the dynamics of habitats, how anthropogenic influences degrade and mask marine soundscapes, and how soundscapes interact with the communities from which they emanate.

I develop novel, low-cost technology to help study and monitor coastal ecosystems, harnessing the "maker revolution" to bring open-source computer hardware and software into ocean science. I have a particular soft spot for combining acoustic and optical sensors to "spy" on the inhabitants of these habitats.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Anderson, ER, J Butler, and M Butler (2021) Response of fish and invertebrate larvae to backreef sounds at varying distances: implications for habitat restoration. Frontiers in Marine Science.

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populations using remote acoustic recorders. Ecological Indicators 77:377-385.

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